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Thursday, April 23, 2009

This weeks Top 10 people who need a public ass whooping

10. Paul Pierce-I really hope the Bulls can pull off the upset in their series with the Celtics because there is no way I can stand another postseason of seeing this guy on T.V. Shave those fucking chin pubes off asshole you're not in junior high anymore.
9. The stack of money with eyes in the Geico commercial-I'm sick of that commercial.
8. Toby Keith-He is long overdue for an ass whooping. If you love kicking towel head ass so much why don't you sign your hick ass up for the service and go over there yourself fuckhead.
7. The Indian/Pakistani guy on Parks and Recreation-I don't know where he's from but this guy is a horrible fucking actor, and this show needs to be cancelled. Like 2 weeks ago.
6. Everybody on Around the Horn-This is by far the worst thing on ESPN. Actually I forgot they still air reruns of Stump the Schwab, so actually it's the second worst thing on.
5. Fred Durst-Somebody really needs to put a stop to his plan of a summer tour. Right now.
4. The guy who put a rug outside the front steps of Wonder Bar in Cleveland- I may have had one too many at the Cavs game the other night and taken a little tumble after tripping on said rug.
3. Andy Roddick-He recently married Brooklyn Decker officially fucking up my chances of hooking up with her, thanks dickhead.
2. Lou Holtz-This moron thinks that Notre Dame is gonna play for the National Championship this year. You don't deserve to play for a National Championship if you're coach has a FUPA.
1. The Browns Coaching Staff and entire Front Office- There is no doubt in my mind they are gonna make a gigantic mess out of this weekend. I'm currently taking suggestions for another team in the NFL to start rooting for. Except for the fucking Steelers.