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Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week's Top 10 people who need a random ass whooping

Every Friday I plan on posting the Top 10 people who need their ass publicly whooped and this week these are those fucking people.

10. Bill O'Reilly-This week he complained about Eminem's video with Sarah Palin in it. Bill we all know you've got a giant woody for her, get over it and just fuck Ann Coulter already and spawn the biggest political pundit pile of douche.

9. Fred Durst-Recently my favorite band of all time announced they are re-uniting to do a summer tour. I can only hope that Hinder, Nickelback and Seether are on the ticket too. Man I can't fucking wait. Kill me now.

8. Eric Mangini-I can't wait for another season of watching the Browns being the second biggest joke in the NFL(thank you Cincinnati for signing Tank Johnson).

7. Queen Latifah-I saw her in the crowd rooting for Lil Kim the other day on Dancing with the Stars and it just reminded me of how much I hate this bitch, but I really don't even know why, she still sucks.

6. Kathy Griffin-I mean really, can anybody stand this bitch. Really?

5.Crocs-Tim Tebow wears them, do I need to say anymore.

4.You-You're always driving 60 in the fast lane, buying 50,000 lottery tickets in front of me at the gas station when all I'm getting is some tylenol and Gatorade for my fucking hangover.

3. The next person who forwards me an e-mail that tells me to forward it to 10 other people or I'm gonna be cursed with 10,000 years of bad luck. Look asshole I have shitty luck already I don't need this shit in my fucking inbox everyday reminding me of it. Next person that sends me one of these is getting something in the mail from the Unabomber.

2. American Idol-Do we really need an entire show dedicated to picking the next talentless jerk-off to sing music other people wrote for them. There is enough shitty music being made already, besides this is just an hour of Karaoke every week with 3 now 4 gigantic douchebags critiquing them. Get off your ass people and go do something productive with your day instead of watching this shit.

1. Octomom-This fucking lady is trying to trademark the name Octomom now. This bitch is a bitch. She already had six kids before the octuplets and was on public assistance. If you see this bitch walking down the street, do me a favor and kick her right in the cunt so she can't pop out anymore fucking kids and I don't have to hear about it on EVERY FUCKING NEWS CHANNEL IN EXISTANCE. This bitch is everything that is wrong with society.