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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Want My MTV

Along with the Worlwide leader in sports, there is another channel that irritates the crap out of me and if let up to me, would not be broadcast to anyone with a penis, and over the age of 12.
(If you are not penisless and under the age of 12. Then please for the love of god, STOP WATCHING FUCKING MTV.) I remember when they played music on this channel and even then it was only mildly tolerable. Now I don't even know if bands still make videos, so there's not even a reason too have this fucking channel.

For years they tortured me with that fucking TRL bullshit. There is nothing I would have loved more than to drive a bus through the crowd of morons standing in front of the MTV building everyday during this program. I would just use Natural Selection as my defense, and play the judge 2 hours of Carson Daly hosting TRL and Nickelback videos and there is no way anybody could convict me of any wrongdoing.

The endless amount of retarded programming on this channel is the worst. The Real World/Road Rules challenge is on like it's 10th season. Really? I want to meet the people taking time out of their day to sit down and watch that.(Please if you do watch the show, send me an email I want to talk to you) I myself have fallen victim to The Hills on several occasions. There isn't a single time you can tune into that show and not get so fucking pissed that somebody like Spencer is on fucking TV.

There are some people who are like, "you're just jealous cause there on t.v. and living a life you wish you could have". To which I have to say, "If I wanted to be a vapid whore with nothing to do but go to a pretend job and be a ditzy cokehead all day I guess you're right, I am jealous." What I really am mad about is that I live in a world where people are so fucking pathetic and stupid that they tune in every week and watch these motherfucking people and look up to them.

I guess what I'm really trying to say here is, I just need a hug.