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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shawn Merriman: A Real American Hero

I've made it well known how much I can't stand reality T.V. and the worthless human beings that it makes famous. But out of all the trash and human filth that has been put on T.V. for people to see, the person I can't stand the most is Tila Tequila. Why the fuck this woman was famous in the first place is beyond me. Whoa, she had the most friends ever on myspace. That's on par with having the most emerald-dragon-magical however many fuck points it takes to make you invincible in dungeons and dragons. Nobody who has actual real human friends gives a fuck about either of these things.
So when I heard this over the weekend, I was extremely overjoyed. Now I'm not condoning hitting or choke-slamming a woman by any means, but I am condoning hitting and choke-slamming Tila Tequila. If you were gonna ask me a week ago who I would choose to beat the snot out of Tila Tequila, I could not have picked a better choice than a roided out NFL linebacker. So hats off to you Mr. Merriman, you sir are a truly great American. Now I'm just waiting for that strain of Super AIDS to hit the cast of The Hills and this will be the greatest week of my life.
Actually there was that week that I had sex with a real live woman, defeated Al-Qaeda, and got voted people magazines sexiest man alive. So this would actually be like the second best week of my life, still pretty good week though.