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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey Fuckface, nobody likes your kids but you.

I'm sure most people reading this are on Facebook or are at least familiar enough with it that you know what it's about. I'm also sure most of you know of my hatred for Twitter-if not you can read about it here.Anyway my point here is I'm slowly starting to feel the same way about Facebook that I do about Twitter.

I understand when you're a parent you want to take a bunch of photos of your baby so you and your kid can look back at them later in life and reminisce, that's great. WOO-HOO, you were so cute back then, and didn't make me regret the poor life choice I now realize I made by birthing you.
What pisses me off to no-end though is every one of you fucking assholes posting 50 million photos of your little bundle of joy on your page and telling me to check them out. I've met the fucking kid it's not that great.
I don't need you to send me a message telling me you just uploaded a bunch of pictures of the little fuckstain opening presents at it's last b-day party. I don't fucking give a shit, and neither does anybody else. One day you're gonna wish there was a way to cover up all evidence that you spawned that thing-just like my mom does everyday, and posting these fucking pictures all over the place for everyone to see is not a good start. Oh yeah, and before I forget-nobody likes your fucking pets besides you either jerk-off.